Using contemporary mirrors in modern interior design is a popular way to enrich simple spaces or enlarge and enlighten spaces which originally are small and dark. Having an inspiring look at showrooms and online stores tells us that there are so many different types of decorative mirrors to choose from, that the choice is not easy. Decorative mirrors play a big role in designing  a room or any kind of space, and it is very important to know the possibilities to be able to choose the right type. Let’s have a look on the basic types of contemporary decorative mirrors.

Hanging or standing?

One of the most common types of decorative mirrors used in decorating a room are wall mirrors. Large and impressive wall mirrors easily create the illusion of much more space, and make the room look more airy and simply bigger. Determine the length or size that you prefer and an effect you would like to achieve.  A decorative wall mirror which is installed above a sofa, cabinet or fireplace is a great idea to make your interior more spacious.

If you need a mirror which can be moved from place to place, you should choose one of the standing mirrors. They are not only portable, but usually you can also swivel them to change the angle what allows you to see yourself from head to toe or to adjust them to the light available in the room.

How to find the perfect mirror?

When you decorate the space and want to use a contemporary mirror you need to consider your interior design, shape and size you need, and it’s usage of course. The best way to find a perfect and most suitable mirror for your space it to buy a customised mirror and decide about all of its features yourself.

There are a lot of possibilities to buy modern mirrors which can be customised; very often these are hand-made mirrors manufactured with precision and passion. Hand-made mirrors are usually more expensive, but they are also very impressive, so if you look for something unusual and unique it is worth to spend a bit more and get something one of its kind.

Shape matters.

A standard and simple sheet mirror attached to the wall in your room, bathroom or office just doesn't provide the modern and trendy look you need when decorating a contemporary interior. But there is wide choice of modern mirrors on the market now, with many different sizes and shapes; with mirrors framed or unframed, traditional square, round, and rectangular or of many other sophisticated and innovative shapes and styles. When decorating a contemporary space you can also use a series of square or narrow rectangular mirrors or even make more abstract contemporary compositions. Modern decorative mirrors give you so many options that the only limit is your imagination.

Contemporary mirrors: guide frame

It’s all about the frame.

The frames are available in many various styles, from glamour and contemporary framed mirrors to minimalistic and modern. Hand-made decorative mirrors usually give you more possibilities to ideally match the mirror to your interior, but there is also a wide range of contemporary mirrors designed by professionals, and you can try to find the frame which enriches your space best. From the most innovative we should mention mosaic mirrors where frames are made of sophisticated ceramic or glass mosaics, or mirrors using raw branches as their frames. The material used to build the frame is also a huge deciding factor, so pay attention to eco-friendly materials or wood quality.

And remember that a contemporary mirror is not only a functional home accessory, but also a piece of decorative contemporary art and it is very important to choose something you simply find beautiful.