Unusual Mirrors of Piaggi - all specific kinds of beautiful

At Piaggi we love mirrors. But not all mirrors have been created equal, and as such, not all deserve the same kind of love. But you will not find the ordinary ones here. We're all about unusual mirrors, and we're really serious about it. That's why each and every single mirror you can find here is designed with meticulous attention to detail, and handmade with equal devotion by skilled craftsmen. That said, we're not a one trick pony - you'll find several kinds of mirrors here, so we would like to give you a run-down of what you can expect from us.

The subdued, but still unusual mirrors

Before we venture into the uncharted territory of intricate mosaic mirrors that are absolutely unmistakable for anything else but Piaggi's mirrors, let's have a look at some of our more subdued offerings. Subdued does not mean unoriginal or dull, mind you - it would be extremely out of character of us to even offer ones we don't take a liking to. It's just that sometimes there's so much going on in a single interior, you simply don't want everything to have a really bold impact. If that's the case, we encourage you to take a look at three lines of handmade mirrors - the Temptations, The Cosmos' and the Archers. All three are offered in either rectangular or round variants, and sport a design that's rich in character, and yet delicate and subdued. They are a fantastic choice for interiors that are luxurious but not necessarily extravagant. Best compared to a simple black dress that's modest, and yet still eye-catching.


The intricate, but still elegant and handmade mirrors

The mosaic mirrors are what makes up the most of our line of unusual mirrors, and for a good reason. No matter if you decide to take a look the Roulette or the Barbarella, chances are you'll be left wondering why have you not ever seen a mirror that's anything like it. We haven't got a clue either, because we know the designs hit all the rights spots with the intricateness of the mosaics, carefully selected colours, and the boldness of it all. These are the kinds of mirrors where you prefer to look at the mirror itself, rather than the reflection in the middle. And it's not a quick look either - designs like these take time to be fully sunk in and appreciated, which makes Piaggi's mirrors the perfect centerpieces for any room you're planning to spend time in. If these mirrors are what you're looking for, take a look at the Roulettes, Barbarellas, Stadiums, Eclipses, Discos and the Big Qs.

The wild, wild mirrors

While most manufacturers would probably dial back the original at that point, we have decided to do exactly the opposite. If you're living an extravagant life in an extravagant apartment, you need a mirror that's not just unusual - you need a mirror to match all the extravagance in your life. That's why we've come up with the Kaleidoscope and the Rhombus. Not only do these handmade mirrors feature the fabulous mosaics we're known for, but they package it in ways not seen before - in either a rhombus-shaped frame or two assymetrical, offset rectangles. You can order them in a selection of colours, of course - we know you will not settle for anything else but precisely what you’re looking for. And we appreciate it.

Unusual mirrors: Roulette Multicolour by Piaggi Store