Unusual mirrors - perfect for interior decorating

Home Decor 101

If you've just finished building the home you have always dreamt about, or if you just got bored with the design of your old place, there is just one task ahead of you. Some may argue the task is a trivial matter, while for some, it's an entire livelyhood - we're talking of course about interior decorating. Since you're on our website, we're going to assume you know precisely what you want, and would rather not let an interior decorator do the finishing for you. After all, he or she is not the person that's going to spend quite a bit of time in your very own home. We salute people like you. You're the reason there's still a fair degree of uniqueness and originality in the interiors we visit, and that is something that keeps us going on overdrive. You're the reason we, Piaggi Mirrors, took the time and resources to design a line of luxurious, unusual mirrors that can play a central part in your home's design.

Interior Decoration: unusual mirrors

What unusual mirror will suit my interior best?

Unusual is good. Unusual is also unusual. That means that no matter what style of an unusual mirror you pick, you are still going to end up with an interior unlike anybody else's. That said, there are some pieces of advice we'd like to share with you as the true aficionados of interior we claim to be. See, when you're designing a unique interior, there are two ways you can go with a piece as important and eye-catching as a mirror. The first one is picking an underwhelming one, hoping not to go overboard with the interior as a whole, and the second one is picking a mirror to match all the uniqueness in your future room. While the former is as sound of a decision as any, we would recommend sticking to the extravagant mirrors - after all, if it's unqueness you're after, there are few pieces better fit to evoke it than our signature unusual mirrors. Once you've made that call, you just have to decide on a particular mirror. Our top picks include the intriguing, colourful Disco, the attention-commaning Kaleidoscope and the artsy Roullete - each one of those will be the perfect centerpiece to tie an interior made to impress together.

Why should I choose an usunual mirror for my usual interior?

It's also possible that you prefer interiors that are toned down a notch. We understand that as well - there's an undeniable charm about rich, wooden furniture, vast leather couches and various details being covered in brass. A very British charm, if you will. But just like a classic dish that gets a brave, tasty twist with a spoonful of an exotic chutney, a classic interior works brilliantly with an unusual mirror. Not any unusual mirror, of course - you would be wise to pick carefully not to get the various pieces clashing, but there are quite a few choices for the person who wants the perfect mix of uniqueness and class. Out top picks include the subtle and elegant Temptation, the mellow Archer and the striking Barbarella.

Unusual Mirrors perfect for your home