PIAGGI Art & Living is a European based designer and manufacturer of luxury, decorative products such as mosaic mirrors, glass art panels and uniquely designed furniture. The company has been built on 20 year experience and success of our family interior design and construction business. We are here to bring a breath of beauty, luxury and glamour into your rooms and into your lives.

Our designs use sophisticated but eco-friendly materials like solid wood and art glass to form intricate and contemporary patterns and shapes perfectly fitting many different kinds of interiors. Our designers use colour in a unique way to achieve beautiful, abstract imagery as well as to create elegant and majestic art pieces. They shine as precious stones and will decorate your walls as precious stones decorate every part of a woman's body.

We place our customers at the heart of our business and pride ourselves on high quality and reliability at all levels. We hope you will love our products; and hanging them on the walls of your flats, houses or offices you let us make your everyday life more luxurious, more colourful and simply more beautiful.

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